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About OAG

OAG is a leading global travel data provider, that has been powering the growth and innovation of the air travel ecosystem since 1929. With the world’s largest network of airline schedules and status data, and leading-edge analytics tools, we enable our customers to make smarter decisions, better adapt to change and create exceptional customer experiences.  OAG's Flight Info API enables customers to access and integrate a variety of flight data sets into systems and applications.

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With an average of 200,000+ schedule changes a day and 40 status updates per second, your business needs to be confident you are always planning against the most accurate airline schedules database.    

This information is even more vital in a post COVID-19 world for airlines and other businesses to plan flight routes, supply chains and more.

Our APIs


Flight Info API

A modern API providing instant access to OAG Real Time Flight Information and Airline Schedules up to 2 years in advance.

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Flight Info Connections

An API providing access to OAG Flight Connections. See all connecting flights departing in the next 12 months.

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Flight Info Alerts

An alert based API providing access to Flight Schedule Changes and Operational Status Data in real-time.

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Aviation Data Ready to Integrate into Systems and Applications

Keep your customer updated at every stage of their journey by informing them of any changes, as they happen. Our API provides the ability to react to any disruption quickly and manage resources proactively.

Quickly and easily get global airline schedules, flight status updates and historical flight data in one API call.

Access the latest enhancements and test new datasets as soon as they are available. Our API is powered by the most modern format (RESTful JSON API) and can be scaled in line with your business requirements or product portfolio.

GET /flights

"carrierCode": "EI",
"flightNumber": "8813",
"departureAirport": "LHR",
"arrivalAirport": "JFK",
"departureTime": "16:20"

You're in good company

“Since air travel can be unpredictable, we wanted to partner with one of the world's leading travel data providers - and for this new Uber product to be successful, we knew we needed an accurate and reliable source of real time flight data.
We vetted OAG’s analytical tools and APIs, and with more than one million flight status updates daily, including 97% of worldwide flight coverage, we're confident that OAG is the right partner to power Reserve. "
“Flight Info API has allowed Air Black Box to completely automate the process of building schedules, while dramatically improving their accuracy, and thanks to Flight Information API’s real-time capabilities, Air Black Box is now also able to offer its LCC and network-airline customers a seamless NDC-enabled GDS booking solution.”
Air Black Box
“We came to OAG because they were responsive, informative, reliable and technically superior -which made integration easy. The OAG data is fundamental to the GPS App, where it is becoming recognised as a real game changer in the aviation industry.”
Global Pilot Source
“The information from OAG that ties into our online meeting planning system, allows us to provide reliable logistical information to seamlessly manage multiple aspects of our global attendees. We have found the OAG data to be invaluable to feeding our system and meeting our client's needs.”
The Meeting Company